Tune in to the creating Greatness with Dr. Marsha Clarke Podcast. Marsha Clarke helps you to guide grief into healthy action so that you can take the next step forward. Don’t navigate grief alone listen to how you can feel better over time.

Intersectionality Coaching

Marsha Clarke partners with her clients to develop a strategic plan for career transition and trajectory. By helping to highlight professional strengths, Marsha can help you make a positive and lasting impression at your next interview.

As an Intersectionality Coach Marsha also specializes in helping young African American women develop skills for senior leadership roles in the nonprofit sector. While nonprofit organizations are continually seeking qualified professionals for senior positions, African American women frequently face an invisible barrier to advancement. Marsha has made it her mission to help guide them as they tackle “the glass ceiling” and climb the corporate ladder.

Grief Coaching

In a world turned upside down by a loss or tragedy, Marsha Clarke is a great co-pilot. While Marsha understands there is no “right” way to grieve, Grief and Loss Coaching can help clients find a new sense of normalcy. By dealing with grief in a healthy, productive way, Marsha empowers clients to move forward with their lives. Grief and Loss Coaching focuses on the process of turning loss and tragedy into memory so you can return to a fully functional life without the burden of grief.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching with Marsha is a client-centered and client-driven relationship dedicated to the discovery of one’s unique spiritual journey. In Spiritual Coaching sessions, Marsha Clarke provides a sacred space to discuss sensitive and important topics. Through deep connection and introspection, Marsha guides clients through barriers and challenges they may encounter on the road to active spirituality. Spiritual Coaching sessions are relevant to newcomers and the experienced alike. Contact Marsha today and take the next step to walking a holy path with the Divine.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Do you dream of being your own boss? Marsha Clarke helps clients turn dreams into reality. From brainstorming to productivity polling, Marsha is a necessary support system for small business owners. Marsha can help: Generate new business ideas, Create a business model, Perform feasibility analyses, Structure a company for productivity, and Set realistic goals for growth. Furthermore, Marsha is here to help clients answer the tough questions facing entrepreneurs today. Whether clients seek a better work-life balance or wish to explore the personal goals driving their business, Marsha is here to help.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a non-clinical, action-oriented path for long-term recovery and positive change. Recovery Coaching helps clients set new goals for work, education, community, and relationships. Marsha helps clients increase self-awareness as they uncover the role that recovery plays in major decision making. In Recovery Coaching sessions, Marsha collaborates with clients to create a plan for long-term success and personal accountability


As an expert at recognizing problems and shaping solutions, Marsha Clarke is the ideal business strategy consultant. Marsha propels businesses forward by designing and developing new business blueprints based on original data. Using information gathered from questionnaires, surveys, situational analysis (SWOT), and other tools to establish a baseline, Marsha works with clients to identify key issues facing your company, envision a solution, and implement data-driven methods to achieve quantifiable results.