Phyllis Hill

I knew that God had placed on my heart to encourage others. And I prayed for God’s direction to lead me to where I needed to go to grow. And God lead me to New Life Coaching Incorporated and that is where I met Coach Marsha and from there, my life has changed. She is an awesome teacher and an amazing Mentor. I have always been little shy and felt awkward speaking even in small groups. But she reminds you that God did not give you a Spirit of fear and He has placed this gift in you to use for a purpose. Coach Marsh, challenges you to grow and to learn, to listen and to ask questions. She provides you with the steps, the tools and the guidance to help you walk in your purpose and calling. And she reminds you as a Christian Life Coach it is not for us to change or suggest change to anyone. But if we listen and just ask the questions, God can use us as a conduit for change. We often have the answers to the most challenging issues in our lives within us. And thanks to Coach Marsha teaching and mentoring, I have done my impossible and I have started my own company. I have even taught on couples on Conflict Management and I teach and mentor teens. And even though I am in my infancy stage with my company, she reminds me to take one step at a time. You know great people have tendency to make others great around them. And when you have someone that can bring out your best, you want take what you have learned and share it. Coach Marsha constantly reminds us that we all have a destiny of greatness, but we have to see before we can be it. Coach Marsha is a blessing and I know every time she Mentors or teaches, I am going to increase my knowledge base and purposely use it build up someone else.